Dead America

I have just finished watching the first series of The Walking Dead for the second time. The first time around I only saw the last four episodes of the six, plus a few bits from the second episode. Watching it again, as it was a Christmas present from my lovely dad, I was once again blown away. Scratch that. I was blown away more than ever the second time around. I was truly able to appreciate it.

I really connected better with the characters this time. Just proves that you should watch things from the beginning! And the best character? Has to be poor, little Glenn for me. Although I think Rick is a pretty decent guy too and I’m not just saying that because Andrew Lincoln who plays him is British. And I think Carl is adorable too.

You can really loose yourself in this world that has been created to the point where you actually feel you are there with the characters, that the world has actually ended in a sea of the undead. I had to actually watch the extra stuff on DVD just make it feel less real! The zombies really look gruesome, horrible, terrifying and believable. And the gore! If you are a gore fan there are a couple of scenes that you will love. For the record I’m not a huge gore fan so I felt just a bit sick at these scenes in question. But zombies were always going to be gory. It is their way.

No one would have thought that the show started out life as a comic book. Of course the comic book itself had a huge fan base so the show was naturally going to have one too. Of course parts of the show have been made up; some of the stuff is not actually from the comic. But this just keeps the fans guessing, which is pure genius in my opinion.

And yes it’s set in America, but I seem to have a real connection with that country right now. I mean a lot of the good stuff comes from there like good films, TV shows. You could say I’m having an American binge, which I have been having for about a year now.

And you could say that I’m also on an end of the world binge too. That’s why my dad bought me this series for christmas, along with many other apocalypse style films. But hey, it is 2012. For the record, I haven’t an opinion on whether the world will end or not, but I have written about it, and this series too actually (in my other blog that is now finished called ‘earthdemise’). It is, after all, a very interesting concept. It throws up all sorts of questions that can make a really good story, as is evident with The Walking Dead. Personally, I’m awaiting eagerly for the second series to come out on DVD so I can finally see it!


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