No Justice For Victims

No doubt you have heard of the Stephen Lawrence murder trial over the past couple of days. No doubt you have heard that both Gary Dobson and David Norris were found guilty of murdering him and sentenced to a mere 12 years in prison.

It was an obvious racial attack. And once again the attackers seem to get off quite lightly. They were sentenced by the judge to a juvenile’s sentence, as they commited the crime under the age of eighteen. But it’s eighteen years on from Stephen’s death, so both attackers are now adults! So why should they not spend more time in prison for what they did? Not only did they murder, but they lied about it for EIGHTEEN years! They wasted police time and they caused Stephen’s parents endless amounts of grief because they could not get justice for their son! That in my eyes, and any other civilized human being, is just wrong.

Stephen Lawrence

I think it was on a morning show this morning that I heard a good proposal. Unfortunately I cannot remember who said it, so I cannot therefore give them the credit. But I will tell you what they said anyway. They said that Dobson and Norris should spend an extra year in prison on top of the 12 for every year that they caused grief for poor Stephen’s family. However, the law will not permit it because they were only juveniles when they commited the crime. To me this only shows that our law systems here in the UK need a lot of changes made to them.

And maybe the rest of the world needs to look at their law systems too. We may have got rid of the death penalty in most countries, but that doesn’t mean that criminals should get off so lightly. It’s not surprising that our prisons are full if we can’t  hand out any decent punishments. Criminals are going to think that they won’t be punished very much, so will end up doing crimes again and again.

At the end of the day it’s the victims of the crimes commited and the victims’ families that get punished the most, not the criminals. Where is their justice?


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