Death Goes On Holiday

I finished another book today. I think I finished it in six days, which is quite good for me. It was a really good story and I just couldn’t stop reading. It was about zombies…typically. But not them taking over the world this time, just a holiday resort island. No biggie.

For those of you who play games, no doubt you have heard of the Xbox 360 game Dead Island. Well this book I speak of is the story behind the game. And though the game has been criticised for the many glitches and lack of co-op game play, the story itself is just brilliant. It’s actually written by Mark Morris, who any budding Doctor Who fan out there, like myself, will recognise as the author of some of the Doctor Who books, two of which by him I own (for those who care they are Ghosts of India and Forever Autumn). So it is a bit weird to read something quite this gory from someone who has written much less gory pieces of work.

Anyway, the story goes that an outbreak of the zombie virus, which you find out at the end of the book is called Pathogen 7, wipes out the resort island of Banoi. We follow a growing number of people in the end. We start off with three main characters, Purna, Sam B and Logan, then Xien Mei joins them, then they find Jin, a resident of the island, and later on in the book they find Yerema, who we know from the very beginning was locked in a cave by her father, who is head of a native tribe on the island. This tribe are cannibals, for the record.

And that’s how the virus started. It was in the tribe for centuries, having been caused by the tribe eating human flesh. It was a disease that mutated, causing victims to be violent at first. But then it started to bring the dead back to life.

Turns out that there is an organization that is using the virus, and eventually the vaccine, to get money, as the virus could be used as a biological weapon.

It’s all very complicated, gory and action packed. Our main characters, in the midst of all of this, must escape the island without bringing the virus with them. That of course would result in an apocalypse, and we have had far too many of those!

However, the book ends on a cliff-hanger. Just read it and you will see what I mean!

I won’t be writing about any books I finish any time soon, due to the length of the book I have started today. Here is a pic to show you that I’m not exaggerating!

Told you. That is 849 pages of the story alone my friends, and then some.


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