The French, Goose Liver and a Satanic Machine

Let’s go back to comedy now.

I have already introduced you to Whose Line Is It Anyway, specifically the American version. Let’s look at another improv show the guys did called Drew Carey’s Green Screen Show which I will shortened to DCGSC from now on. This show is exactly the same as Whose Line except the guys perform on a green screen back drop which is then animated to help with the visuals. The animation is often hilarious and clever, let me tell you. Also, along with some of the games from Whose Line we have a few new ones.

The clip below shows the game New Choice being played by improvers Jeff B. Davis and Greg Proops. In this game the improvers must come up with a scene based on a suggestion from the audience, and then the caller, in this case Brad Sherwood, shouts out every now and then ‘new choice’. This means that what was last said must be changed to something else. This particular game of New Choice is set in a foie gras factory (goose liver). So enjoy.

Oh how I love Mr Jeff B Davis. My favourite parts are the laughs and Jeff’s ballet. For the record Jeff is my favourite, for obvious reasons. Mainly because he is really funny. Also Greg’s french is brilliant. The pair work really well together in this show.

This is one of my favourite clips from the show…not that there were many episodes because it cost a lot of money to animate. Only 12 episodes were made, but each one was brilliant. Looks like we are going to have to imagine what the guys are acting out from now on. Oh well.


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