More Laughs Than a Kid’s Programme

God I need some more comedy. I know! Let’s look at the last improv show I know about at the moment: Drew Carey’s Improv-a-ganza. This is the same as the other two shows, with a few extra games played. It is done in front of a small, probally drunk audience under the roof of a casino and it is the most recent of the three improv shows, having been aired at the beginning of last year on the American TV channel GSN (Game Show Network).

The clip below shows a game actually taken from Whose Line which is entitled Greatist Hits. In this game two improvers introduce a ‘CD collection’, the topic of which the audience will give. Then the improvers come up with names of songs and also the genre of the music from these CDs for the other two improvers, sometimes three, to sing about. In the clip below the CD collection is about lumberjacks and the song is called ‘Flap My Jack’, in the style ‘tunes for tots’ (children’s music). Ryan Stiles and Greg Proops are introducing it, whilst Jeff B. Davis and Chip Esten (his real name is Charles Esten) sing the song. I would like to point out that the song doesn’t actually have anything to do with lumberjacks in the end, but it is hilarious nonetheless. Enjoy.

Did you notice Ryan and Greg cracking up in the back? That was just as funny as the song itself! I love how poor Chip can’t keep up with Jeff in the ‘chorus’, yet completely owns the verses! They are really good together at singing. ‘Flippity Flap’ out.


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