Slipping Through My Fingers

Why is time so annoying? When you want it to go fast it goes slowly, and when you want it to go slowly it goes fast. And there really doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day at the moment.

I have five assignments to do now. That’s right, FIVE assignments. Three of which are 1500 word essays, which will require lots of research. What’s more, these three particular assignments have to be in by the end of February. Oh the joys of the second year of your degree! Or foundation degree, whatever.

It’s not like I’m lazy with work, or even that I’m moaning about the work load. It’s more the deadlines, because I am really struggling to concentrate. And I’m not exaggerating either. I can concentrate for about two minutes, if that. Even when doing something I like, like reading. It’s ridiculous, now more than ever with this work load. Somehow I’m going to have to stop my brain wandering off. Maybe a leash?

I will of course plod on, and try to not think just how big the work load is, because that will only lead to more stress. And that is the last thing I need right now.


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