Pop is Not Rock!

I love how pop channels do these ‘top ten rock songs’ once in a while. Sometimes it has good bands on there. But it is often utter rubbish which they call ‘rock’.

Take for instance the one that was on today. Started off with Black Veil Brides’ ‘Fallen Angels’. I thought, fine, they’re ok. Then we had one of Linkin Park’s new songs ‘Iridescence’ I think. I don’t particularly like their new stuff, but the song was ok. Then we had the rubbish. All Time Low and You Me At Six equals boy bands wanting to be rock groups. I mean, they sound the same!

The best song that was on was Muse’s ‘Supermassive Blackhole’, which has the weirdest video. At least Matt Bellamy looks relatively hot in red in it :D. I also saw My Chemical Romance’s ‘Na Na Na’. I don’t particularly like their new stuff either, but this song is also alright. However, the video is rather weird, with the guys dressing up as if they are going to a fancy dress party, shooting at each other in some Power Ranger fashion. And the Foo Fighters were in it but I don’t think I liked the song, although again the video was slightly weird, but funny.

My point is that half of those ten songs were rubbish! Half of them were not rock! I mean where was Metallica? You know, the band that has inspired most other, if not all, rock bands? Ok so I have only got into them recently, but still. Come on people! Rock is dying out because of this kind of misconception and stupidity!


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