Don’t Judge All Journalists By the News

You know what keeps pestering me recently? The fact that everyone is viewing all journalists as horrible tyrants, thanks to the News of the World scandal. As a trainee journalist I find this highly offensive. Just because some journalists have been found out to be taking part in the phone hacking scandal does not mean that we are all scoundrels intent on making money and creating good stories that will further our careers in any possible way that we can, regardless if that way is morally or legally right.

It was journalists themselves who uncovered the scandal. That at the least deserves some credit. And yes I can understand people’s mistrust of us, but that does not give anyone the right to make snap judgements of us.

Because I’m new to this journalism game I feel that it is going to be harder than ever for me to get anywhere with this career. Somehow I’m going to have to win the trust of people…and I shouldn’t have to. People should be able to trust what I write.

Alas, I fear that this will never be. So thanks, News of the World, and all you other blasted journalists who were part of the scandal, for painting the rest of us decent journalists in a negative light and possibly destroying the art of news.

Sincerely, the good journalists.


2 responses to “Don’t Judge All Journalists By the News

  1. There are still plenty of us good guys out there maintaining standards. If you’ve got the talent then you won’t find it hard to make a career of it. Stick with it – it’s one of the most rewarding jobs you can have. 🙂

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