Cracking Some Ribs

More comedy is on its way. So brace yourselves, hold those wigs on and don’t forget that I am not responsible for any ribs you may break.

This clip below is a couple of clips mashed together from Whose Line Is It Anyway, featuring most members of the cast: Drew, Wayne, Greg (in the background), Chip, Brad and even Jeff who didn’t feature nearly enough on this show. But our main stars are Ryan and Colin. All these clips are taken from the game Greatest Hits, where the guys, in this case it was always Colin and Ryan, introduces a CD collection and the others, always Wayne and either Brad, Chip or Jeff, sings a few songs from the collection.

This video only shows Ryan and Colin’s bits, as they were incredibly funny. I can see why so many people say that these two were best for this part of the game, but with this game’s evolution they get everyone of the performers to have a go now, which I think deserves some credibility.

Anyway, I’ve wittered on too much, so enjoy.

Poor Ryan; I think he’s the one who has broken the ribs with all that laughing! And I love Colin with his tendencies to not think before he speaks.

“We’re watching animal porn!”

“I just choked on my horr-oor.”

“Backstreet Boys!”



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