Endings Are Sad

And so ends another legacy. Eragon and friends, I shall miss you.

The deed is done and the book is read. The last page was where I couldn’t hold back the tears any more. I shed just the one, but I blame Eragon for that, as I only let it loose when he started to cry himself. Perfect timing really.

Inheritance was amazing. Christopher had me hooked with the relationships of the characters and the battles, and the plot line had chills running up and down my spine at regular intervals. And the length of the book didn’t matter in the end.

I just wish that Murtagh could have had more page time, as he was an amazing character. But it was nice for Christopher to write more about him in this one, as he wasn’t mentioned much in the last two. I think we really get to know Murtagh in this one. And other characters too.

In places the book had me in stitches too, which is rare with Christopher, as his story telling is a more serious, poetic approach than comedic, but I welcomed it. I mean only he could have thought up giant snails! Read the book if you don’t know what I’m on about. I recommend it.

But now I am sad. I have come to the end of a series of brilliant books full of amazing characters, characters of which have been with me since 2006 I think. 6 years. Wow.

So thank you Christopher Paolini, for such an amazing series of books. Thank you for the wonderful characters and please don’t stop writing.


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