Religion Made Funny…With No Offense Intended

Ok, so recently I have been watching clips from Mock the Week, specifically Scenes We’d Like To See, in which the six performers must come up with funny scenarios based on a scene they are given. Much like improv!

I decided to share my favourite one with you, and yes one of the comedians is Archie from Balamory! This Scenes We’d Like To See is ‘Things You Wouldn’t Read In The Bible’ and I mean no offense to those of you who are religious out there. Also, there is strong adult humour and bad language throughout, so mind your step. Please enjoy.

“And David smote Galiath. He was meant to smack him, but he was using predictive text.”

“Eve! Eve! Use fig leaves…not nettles!”

“And the Lord said ‘Oh s*** I made a wasp!'”


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