RIP PC David Rathband

It’s always hard losing things that are important to you. PC David Rathband is an example of this. When he lost his sight to criminal Raoul Moat he showed true signs of recovery and bravery.

But it takes a hell of a lot to deal with trauma on that level, something that is likely to never leave you for the rest of your life. With the loss of his sight, David also lost his job. Soon after it seems that his marriage broke down and he lost his wife. That on top of the terrible incident with Moat was obviously the tipping point in David’s life. People knew something was up after the policeman posted a series of worrying tweets on Twitter. He couldn’t cope anymore.

So he took his life last Wednesday, believing it to be the best option and the only way out, much like his attacker who stole his eyes. Yet I would not call him a coward like I would with Moat, because David was a brave man. I’m just sorry that so much horrible stuff had to happen to such a strong person, so much stuff that just ended up breaking him. 

 My heart goes out to his family and friends in this tragic time, and I send my sympathy to them.


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