Taking the Scot

Ooo I feel all out of practise. I apologise for my lack of blogging. So to make up for it I bring you some more comedy in the form of Michael McIntyre, taking the mick out of the birth of the kilt. And I mean no offense to the Scots.

Before I share the video with you I just want to say I don’t know how I managed to be watching Michael again. I think it must have occurred when I was watching Mock the Week and in my recommended videos were videos for parts of Michael’s Comedy Roadshow, which this clip is from. I think this is my favourite joke by him, although I recently watched one simply entitled ‘Revolving doors’ which I found quite amusing, and may be in competition with this video for my favourite Michael joke.

Anyway, on to the clip! Warning: contains some strong language.


Now that you have watched this video I thoroughly recommend you go and watch some more of him. Good day!


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