Re-Kindled Love and Conversion

So I recently bought myself a Kindle. I can just hear you all now, groaning, grumbling and whining.

I used to hate the idea of reading any other way than by a hardback or paperback book, so it took me a while to decide to see what the device was like. Curiosity is to blame here. But I must say that I have been converted. I LOVE the Kindle. But don’t worry I still love having a good old fashioned book in my hands too.

So what’s so good about the Kindle? It does most things a book can do and more.  It reads like paper, and when you get used to it, using it is easy. Books for the device are usually cheaper than there hardcopy counter-parts and they never sell out. You can also book mark where you left off and highlight sections of text, something I find highly helpful as I have a habit of marking quotes in my books with bits of post-it notes. Plus you can turn it off and when you turn it back on again it returns you to where you left off. Pretty nifty. Plus you don’t have to carry big books around with you and it holds up to 1500 of them in one go…more than I could ever own or squash into my room! Space saved!

Of course, there is something tangible about the classic paper book. The smell of the pages, the feel of its weight in your hands…they are, to me, like old friends. That’s why I could never hate them. Then there’s the idea of being able to get them signed by the author. Not that I have done that yet. I wish. But you couldn’t do THAT with the Kindle. It’s also hard to flick through an eBook for references or even to look at the cover too easily. I have also heard that pictures are not very good on the device. However, I think the pictures are well visualised, but the downside is that they are always in black and white.

Nevertheless, I have fallen in love with the Kindle, but I’m sure once the novelty wears off I won’t mind which way I read…as long as I’m reading I’m happy. Besides, I don’t mind which way I read right now. I’m reading some short stories on the Kindle at the moment whilst simultaneously reading that vampire novel which I told you about a couple of posts back (which is indeed a hardcopy).

But what do you think? Kindle or hardcopy, or, like me, do you prefer both?


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