A History of Blood

Just finished The Nosferatu Scroll by James Becker this morning. Not a bad read, if I do say so myself. Very good for the vampire and thriller lovers out there.

This is a story about faith and religion, twisted though it may be, as it’s also a story about, unfortunately, rape and murder. The plot line is good, right up to the end when I thought everything was okay, something else happens, and the end of the book ends on a ‘what if?’ scenario. It’s set in Venice, and really captures the history of the city really well, plus the beauty, but also the dark side of it as well. It also, at times, addresses the corruption of politics. Good combo, overall.

I learnt a lot about vampires from this novel. For instance, did you know that Bram Stoker was not the first person to come up with the idea of vampires in his classic novel Dracula? The idea of the vampire dates back much further than that, to around mediavel times. It was particularly associated with the Black Death, being the supposed cause for the plague. This is also where a lot of the ideas about vampires originated. Garlic, for example, was used in an attempt to help cure the disease. Also the idea of drinking blood dates back even further than that, as it was seen as a means to stay youthful and cure illnesses. It does, as you could guess, get a bit complicated. And technical.

But no, overall the book was a good read. So go and read it before I give away any of the plot line! Now, I will be reading off the Kindle for a while. I’m currently reading Grim’s Fairy Tales which are extremely weird…not going to lie.


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