Utter Insanity…Stamps and Pasties

Apologies for not posting much recently. There hasn’t been much to talk about…until now. Something that I was only made aware of today is the rise in stamps by 14p.

Ok, 14p doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you send off post regularly it all starts adding up. First class stamps are now 60p and second class stamps are 50p. Although, I’m sure the first class stamps at the post office near where I live are already 54p…I think. So that is most definately not going to be a 14p difference to get to 60p, unless they add 14p to the already 54p, which would make…hold on…68p!

Holy crud I’m rabbiting on! So my point is that the government are making us pay extra to send letters. And people moan about how technology is taking over our lives. Can you blame someone for wanting to send an email to a friend than pay an ever increasing prize to send a letter through the post? That’s what I thought.

And if the increase in stamp prize wasn’t bad enough there is also a tax on pasties. Yes you read correctly, PASTIES! That’s not good for us Cornish! Our trademark is being targeted! Not that I like pasties…much. They are okay I guess.

I think the government need to sort out their priorities right…or just step down entirely and let people in who know what they are doing and know what’s best for people, not just the rich. Greed is a sin.



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