Writers Wanted!

For all you wannabe writers out there, I have a request, but let me first explain what this is all about.

For one of my uni assignments we have been asked to create a project, and we have all chosen to do magazines. Mine is aimed at new writers, because I feel that there is not enough out there for them, and as a wannabe writer myself I know just how tough it can be.

But I require you budding writers out there to help me out, and hopefully yourselves. This is what I need you to do: write either a short story, poem, script or song, or anything else that is short enough to go into a magazine. It can be on any topic you want, just so long as it is appropriate and not too rude. Then send it to my email at wolvenstar@hotmail.co.uk.

But you only have until the end of April, as I have a deadline too!

This is open to all ages as well.

I will then choose the best to go in my magazine and notify the winners, and if the winners want I will send them a copy each of the finished product.

Thank you guys!


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