The Beginnings Of Something Amazing

30 Seconds To Mars in their early days…

Anybody who knows me well will know of my absolute adoration for the band 30 Seconds To Mars, and my idolization of the lead singer, Jared Leto, who is also an actor.

As you may have guessed this blog post is indeed about the band, who have inspired me since I was 14 years old (which means I have been a fan for 5, nearly 6 years, in case you were wondering). It was their song The Kill that I first heard and fell head over heels in love with (actually the first I saw of them was the very end of their From Yesterday video, but I don’t think that counts considering the music had finished).

I then listened to their second album A Beautiful Lie, which is bloody amazing and then I of course thought they couldn’t get any better. I am pleased to say I was proven wrong with their third and recent album This Is War. And yet it was their first album that still remained a mystery to me, the beginnings of this most ethereal band.

By this point I had heard three songs off the album: Edge of the Earth, Capricorn and Oblivion, all of which I enjoyed as much as the rest of their stuff. And yet I had not bothered to listen to the rest of the album…until recently. It wasn’t so much that I was hesitant to listen to it, so much as that their two proceeding albums were keeping me happy.

But I am so glad that I finally got round to it. The songs on the first album are as amazing and inspiring as all the other 3o Seconds To Mars songs so far. And it helped me fall head over heels in love with them all over again (not that I have ever stopped loving them of course).

…and the band now

To conclude these are my favourites 30 Seconds To Marssongs, my favourite one from each album:

 Fallen (self-entitled album)

The Kill (A Beautiful Lie)

Closer To The Edge (This Is War)

I’d easily give the first album a ten out of ten, but then I love this band to smithereens. And with the fact Jared and co are working on a forth album I can hardly contain myself, but for the sake of all things holy I will do my best.



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