What a Freak Show

Sorry again for the lack of posting, but I have been extremely busy to watch anything but improv videos, and I think I have posted enough at the moment about that.

Anyway, I managed to take some time out this afternoon/evening to watch a film that I bought today on a whim. Personally I am glad that I did buy this film on a whim; it was amazing!

So what’s the film, I hear you ask. Well it was Constantine, featuring Keanu Reeves as the main character. And you can say what you want about Keanu, but I think he was pretty good in this film. He plays John Constantine, a guy who kicks demon butt back to Hell. But then it seems that Satan’s son, Mammon not Damian, is trying to cross over onto our plain, which will mean, pretty much, the apocalypse. So, basically, John must stop this from happening.

So John goes to Hell and back , fights both angels and demons, all whilst having lung cancer (why you shouldn’t smoke 30 cigarettes a day since you were 15 years old.)

But our hero gets subdued by none other than Gabriel, who wants Mammon to come through, despite being an angel and of the opposite side (don’t ask me I didn’t write the bloody script). Anyway, John summons Lucifer, who doesn’t want his son to come through (I know, this is getting rather confusing), but also wants John’s soul, as he has sent a lot of Satan’s minions to Hell in his time. So, basically Satan turns Gabriel into a human, makes his son go back to Hell, then tries to take John’s soul, only to realise that John had to sacrifice himself to call him and save the world, and in doing so has commited an act that garantees him a place in heaven.

So Satan, being the whiny, needy b**ch that he is, makes our hero live, curing his lung cancer in the process by ripping it out of him. And John has, thankfully, learnt a couple of lessons; number one being to stop smoking and number two to stop being so selfish.

This film is a bit jumpy in places (I remember a rather freaky bit at the beginning where a girl is possessed by a demon and up on a wall), a bit gory, funny at times and frequently thought provoking. Well worth a watch if you like this sort of thing.


A Powerful Connection

So I decided to watch the film Eragon as I’m reading the last book in the series. I have to say that the film does not do the book much justice at all.

There is so much that is awry about this film. It’s too short for a film, and considering the length of the book it deserves a lot longer. Some of the characters are not given enough credit, like Murtagh for instance, who is probally given about 10 minutes worth of screen time, and considering he is meant to be one of the main characters in the books, and one of the better ones I might add, he really needs to be given more attention. However, the guy who played him, Garrett Hedlund, worked really well with the character and what he was given.

Then you have the relationship between Eragon and Arya. In the books Eragon pretty much fancies her but Arya makes it clear that she is not interested. Not in the film! I swear the flirting between the two of them was so obvious it was cringe-worthy!

And, no offense to Ed because I think he is a great guy, I found the character of Eragon a bit to posh, as Ed is British. I just don’t think that works.

And the Urgals. I always thought of them being these creatures with horns, that looked like proper beasts. But what do we get? Men in war paint trying to be scary.

Plus Saphira the dragon looks more like a bird and grows way too quickly!

I could pick holes in so much more.

However, despite all this I think there were some pretty good points to the film also. For instance, the character of Brom was amazing, spot on. I really liked Brom in the film, but not so much in the book. And the scenery was beautiful. And the fight scenes were amazing, although I don’t remember Durza riding on a black cloud of smoke with a mouth in the book…still nice touch. It pretty much worked. Also I think the bond between dragon and Rider was captured quite well, which was something that was quite magical in the books.

Overall I’m in two minds on this film…which feels odd.

The Force of the Weather

Going back to my love of the apocalyptic let’s look at the film The Day After Tomorrow by Roland Emmerich, who seems to have done quite a few apocalyptical films. I finally had the chance to watch it when I got a copy of it for christmas. And let’s just say I’m glad I did watch it.

This film shows the destructable force of the weather, due to global warming. It’s all very complicated, but a very good storyline of survival. There are some very good effects, which really bring to life the true extent of the devastation. And we end with everything under snow as the nothern hemisphere goes into another ice age.

I think this film has been given a lot of negative attention. The same could be said about another natural disaster film, 2012. What is it about the idea of nature destroying the world that people seem to hate? It’s more plausible than the idea of zombies taking over, or aliens destroying us. It’s more scientific. Yet people don’t seem to enjoy this sort of film all that much.

Here’s my theory: people are scared of what they can’t control. And you most certainly can’t control the weather. With the idea of zombies there’s at least the faint idea that they can be killed; the same with aliens. But you can’t kill the weather. Perhaps the idea of the film therefore scares people and the only thing they feel will help that fear is by dismissing the idea all together, no matter how likely it could happen.

Anyway, the film is good, because I say so! End of story, fini, finito. (Sorry if I spelt either word wrong peeps). I mean I love the special effects because they really look terrifying, like the twisters destroying Los Angeles. That’s a memorable moment for me in the film.


Destructive, ay? Then we have the tsunami devouring New York City.


Amazingly scary.

And an all round brilliant film.