Entertaining the Aliens

I have been revisiting my love of Doctor Who recently, in the form of parodies. Youtube is amazing, let me tell you!

These parodies are just amazing, not just because they’re funny, but because the guys acting in them can act and sound like the Doctor himself, and they can’t be much older then me!

They also do serious episodes too, which are also amazing, but as a lover of comedy I do prefer their micky-takes of the episodes. So let’s give you a taster. The first video features Tony Coburn playing Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor and Thomas-Rees Kaye playing both Davis Tennant’s AND Matt Smith’s Doctors (not at the same time). Warning contains strong language. This one is really funny.


And this second video features Tony as the 10th Doctor and Tom as the 11th. The acting is so good in this that if you close your eyes it’s like listening to the Doctors themselves. It is also funny of course, and contains strong language also.


These guys should play the next Doctors, just saying.


Where Are All the Books Going?

Another book has been finished! I’m on a roll…a swiss one because they are the best rolls EVER!

Uhmmm. Sorry, had a mad moment there. Anyway, I have indeed finished another a book. It is called The Death Collector by Justin Richards, who is, strangely, another author of the Doctor Who books. Actually, he is the Creative Director of them. I seem to have a habit of reading books by authors who have written for the Doctor Who franchise.

The book was ok. It wasn’t the best thing I have read, nor would I ever put it in my top 10, but it was still an interesting read. It’s set in Victorian London, has a zombie, a mechanical dinosaur and a freaky guy who wants to better the human race by combining them with steam engines, metal and dinosaur bones. It’s a bit weird…but hey, can’t complain.

Next on my list is a book about vampires.

And yes, I’m still mourning the loss of The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini and also my beloved Murtagh, so much so that I now have a crush on Garret Hedlund who plays him in the film.

The Re-birth of Doctor Who in a Ballad

I have just found this on Youtube. So funny! This sums up Russell T Davis’ and Julie Gardner’s time producing the series of Doctor Who. I believe that’s four series plus David Tennant’s last four special episodes. Anyway, enjoy!


Perfect! I love how they have David and Catherine playing Russell and Julie. Even John Barrowman is joining in with this song that sends of the pair of brilliant producers who brought back an awesome show, making it better than ever in the process.

A Trip to Narnia, Doctor?

Here’s something for you Doctor Who fans out there. I have just bought the recent episode on DVD, the christmas special ‘The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardobe’ and finally had the chance to watch it…again (I saw it on christmas day). I’m pleased to say that the copy works fine :).

Anywho, I love this episode. Maybe love is too strong a word…how about like? I like this episode. I have heard a couple of people complaining that this particular episode was rubbish. I can’t see how.

Watching something for a second time allows me to pick up things I didn’t the first time, and also prompts me to get teary at the more sad episodes, as was the case here. For instance I nearly cried at the end when the Doctor and Amy had their reunion after 2 years, where they were being childish by neither of them wanting to hug the other first (*shakes head*). Although the water pistol did add a comical effect to the scene, but didn’t necessarily ruin the emotional side of things.

I also noticed how the character of Madge, Lily and Cyril’s mother, was a bit…well…crazy. But possible Doctor kind of crazy. I think that means I like her character. Oh, and I realised Bill Bailey was in it, although technically I saw that the first time around.

Some might say that the episode was a rip off of  ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardobe’, or as the people with a yorkshire accent would say “T’ Lion, T’ Witch and T’ Wardrobe” (Michael McIntyre joke if you don’t know). I say how dare you! It is a clever ploy to make an interesting episode! Do you know how hard it is to write something entertaining? Well let me tell you: it’s bloody difficult! I speak from experience as a trainee journalist and wannabe author!


The only thing I was disappointed with was the fact that the wooden aliens weren’t more like the Weeping Angels. I thought at first that that was what they would be like; you turn and they had moved closer or something. The Weeping Angels have, after all, been voted the scariest monster in Doctor Who, making them better than the Daleks (and rightly so; there’s only so much one can take of those damn pepper pots). But alas, these wooden beings weren’t scary at all…more boring.

Overall the episode was a great re-watch. So says me!