Things Are Hotting Up

Series two of Supernatural kicks off with a bang, with a near death and an actual death in the first episode alone, which follows on directly from the last episode of series one, which of course ended on that pesky cliff hanger.

This season sees Sam finding out the plans that the yellow-eyed demon has for him, all of which leads up to a fantastic, unforgetable two-part series finale, in which another death of a main character happens, only for another to sacrifice their soul to allow them to be resurrected. Do you like my subtle attempt at trying to not reveal too much to you guys, just in case you haven’t seen it? Don’t say I don’t treat you guys with kindness now :).

So what can you expect other than death in this series? Well, your usual, plus more plot twists, gruesome gore, tension and jumpy moments than you can shake…something you wanna shake. You have your ghosts and demons, a werewolf, a djinn, a virus that makes people violent, more vampires, but good ones this time around, another shapeshifter, and even a trickster, a demi-god that likes to cause trouble. Hell even the police are after the boys in this one! Tut! 

And then there are the tear-jerking scenes, scenes which seem to make me closer to crying each time I watch them. I am screwed for some scenes in series three then!

Another amazing storyline for a show-stopping TV series that deserves the credit it gets and more. A perfect follow up to the fantastic opening series. Makes you want more and more!


Hold On, Your Brains Are About To Be Melted.

I finished the first series of Supernatural a little while ago and basically didn’t think to write about it! So, after nearly finishing the second series, I thought I would keep up to date.

For a Supernatural fan such as myself it is truly strange to re-watch the first series after having watched all the series up to the end of series six, because the brothers look really young! But they are still loveable characters.

So the first series sees the brothers journey begin with their dad missing, and Sam’s girlfriend dying, which sends him on a hunt for their father. They encounter all kinds of supernatural creatures including ghosts, demons, a shapeshifter that turns into Dean and frames him for murder and then you have your legends like Bloody Mary and the Hook Man. Plus a killer scarecrow, some scary shadows that rip you apart and a scary portrait who’s occupant comes to life and slits your throat with a razor. Oh and then there are vampires too. Phew, think I mentioned everything.

The first series is a brilliant way to start  such an amazing storyline that will have every viewer on the edge of their seats. I still jump at some of the jumpy bits and I have seen all the episodes twice, hell some episodes I have now watched three times. And the gore can make your stomach turn at points too.

The plot is so intricately woven that it really is hard to stop watching the series, particularly if you own it on DVD and even if you have watched it all before. And the series even ends on a cliff-hanger. All I can say is that I’m thankful I started watching this amazing show around when series five came out as otherwise I would have had to wait for series two to come out to find out what happens!

So thank you Eric Kripke for creating this amazing show, and thank you to Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki for bringing the main characters to life with such amazing clarity. America, you rock!